• eMpower is a professional event conducted for Malaysian student leaders across the Midwest and Tri-State areas. Its aim is to enhance the professional profile of student leaders and act as a medium to introduce students to the corporate world. 

    In this upcoming March, eMpower will be bringing established individuals from across the country to share their experiences on a career pathway after graduation. To know more about this event or ensure you stay up to date with the latest information regarding eMpower, kindly go to their Facebook page.29497395_228018121079780_8593462147897669157_n

  • ViCaF 2.0 will be happening in April 2018. VICAF 2.0 is hosted on a platform provided by Innovaseeds Solutions. This event aims to present an opportunity for Malaysian students in North America to showcase their talents, network with companies in Malaysia and most importantly, to secure a job even before they graduate.During the duration of this event, students can interact and network with companies to gain further insights on career opportunities and the working environment in Malaysia. To know more about the event or to receive updates regarding this event, kindly go to their Facebook page.
  • COMMS will be having an Online Forum on Feb 18th, 2018 at 2-4pm CST. Various topics will be adressed such as visas, opt, future events, and more! There will also be two guest speakers, Puteri & KS who will be presenting their topics of interest. See you there!COMMS Online Forum #2
  • On the 10/31/2017, COMMS co-organized a conference at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. The guest speaker was the Malaysian Ambassador to the United States, Tan Sri Zulhasnan Rafique.

To watch the live stream of the conference, click here



  • Kindly fill up the registration form of Malaysian students in U.S.A with Embassy of Malaysia. Completion of this form is important because it equips the Malaysian Embassy with your details in case of an emergency.